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Approvals by Design is the drafting division at WABCA Group offers design and drafting services for residential and commercial projects. Our drafting staff draw upon the knowledge of our technical staff to deliver strong functional outcomes. The team is able to work closely with our Town Planning division, Energy Assessors and Building Surveyors when jointly appointed on a project to ensure all information that is assessed is complete and accurate.

Services range from siting of new sheds on an existing property, multiple storey buildings, multiple unit developments and commercial buildings and fit-outs. The skilled team utilise the latest in ArchiCAD software to efficiently complete your project in 3D format.


  • Our design team understand that this first stage can be very detailed and intricate. 
  • We work closely with you to create and finalise your design vision.
  • Our team will identify issues with a building or design early in the process and propose solutions that are appealing, function well and comply with the Building Codes of Australia.


  • Working drawings are a significant component of the building approvals process. The drawings detail general compliance requirements with the BCA, your project needs thorough plans to ensure the details of the construction are clear. 
  • Our drafting department has the experience to complete final working drawings of your project, whilst identifying and resolving non-compliance issues during the process to save you time in the approval of your project.

Residential Design & Drafting Services

  • Class 1 & 10 Structures Drafting
  • Planning and Approval Drawings
  • Working Drawings for Building Permit
  • 3D Renders and Modeling
  • Retrospective Approvals
  • Alterations and Additions

Commercial Design & Drafting  Services

  • Class 2 to 9 Structures and Development
  • All Commercial Fitouts
  • Working Drawings for Building Permit
  • 3D Renders and Modeling
  • Retrospective Approvals
  • Site Planning